You Can Live Like You're Wealthy Now

Here's a useful exercise:

Ask yourself what you would do if you won a billion dollars in the lottery. Really think about it. Make a super detailed list – brainstorm down to the very finest details.

Got it? Good!

Now, go through the list and ask yourself if there's anything on the list you can afford to do now, even though you didn't actually win the lottery.

Chances are, there's at least one thing in there that you could see yourself doing if you were rich that, if you stop to think about, you could actually be doing now.

As a personal example, one thing I could see myself doing if I won the lottery would be to throw away or donate all my clothes and replace them with a few really nice pieces that I love and wear often. Another one would be, now that I don't have to worry about money, go to the gym every day and really get into good shape.

The truth is, the only things stopping me from doing both of those things now are scarcity mindset and plain old laziness. These aren't actually money issues; they're mental ones. They just happen to be mental issues that I could see myself being free from if money were no issue.

Actually, if you really stop to think about, doing those things would probably only increase my earning capacity via increased self esteem, energy, etc.

What about you? Yeah, you probably can't go quit your job and buy a yacht tomorrow, but is there anything in your life that you can imagine doing if you were rich, but you could actually afford to do now?

The ironic thing is that the "rich and successful" life often includes a lot of things that basically anyone can do: eating healthy yet delicious foods, living in minimalism with a few nice things, working out consistently at a nice gym, drinking really good coffee, etc.

Let me know if this exercise helped you discover any areas in your life that can be changed now, without much extra money, to bring you closer to your dream life.



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